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Is your wood ready? (Perform this quick test below)

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy our great Colorado climate. Lounging on your deck is one of the most relaxing ways to do that. How does your home or deck look? Have you washed them lately?

You will see that there is a fine layer of dust on the horizontal surfaces of your deck. Just wipe your hand across the top of the rail and look at the fine layer of surface contamination that has begun to accumulate. Now is the best time to remove that layer of contamination and reveal the beautiful wood underneath.

THE PreSSure'S On can help in two ways. Let us clean and stain your deck and save you the hassle. Or, we can supply you with the appropriate cleaner and stain to do the job.

Your deck will look well maintained so you can think about more important things such as, exactly how long you have actually had those burgers on the grill!