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Wood & Weather

SUN: Sunlight bleaches and deteriorates wood. Wood Iron’s UV blockers and additional Transparent Oxide Pigments will protect your wood from the sun’s harmful rays. Unlike other finishes, Wood Iron does this without obscuring the natural grain – the main reason most people choose wood in the first place!

WATER: Normal exposure to water can leave wood washed out and fragile. Wood Iron Exterior Finish combines natural oils with a water repellent. These ingredients fortify wood cells from within, protecting your wood in all climates from water and splintering. Wood Iron does this using less solvent than other finishes, making Wood Iron a safer, more natural product.

FUNGUS: Wood is a natural food source for fungus and mildew. Wood Iron Exterior Wood Finish has a mildew inhibitor that retards the growth of fungus on the coating film for above ground application.